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Top Selling Book


This years Book 'em North Carolina event was a success.  Through the rain and snow (there was no snow) the people came, the people saw, and they did what people do at those type of events; they bought books all in the name of helping kids.  

It was my first time at the event, and I must say, I enjoyed it.  I did not, however, expect that my first children's book, The Tree With No Branches, would be the top seller at the was. 

That said, I wanted to express my thanks to the fine people that put the event together.  I enjoyed myself emensly and hope to travel back for future events.  Thank you so much for all your hospitality.

If any of you want to purchase The Tree With No Branches, just click the title.  It makes a wonderful gift.



Happy Days,

Johnny Knew




Children are like sponges...

Greetings my people,

So glad to have you stop by.  It's been a fun time, here in Knewville; however, it's been a learning experience, too.  Oh, my...that's the perfect segue into the topic of which the title of the blahg eludes..."learning experience!"

To le point.  (I bet you didn't didn't know I was fluent in the French word "le")  Indeed!  My son, while in pre-school, had an assignment: make a poster with a picture of your parents/grandparents and tell us about them.  This, they would then share with the class and parents in a happy day of frivolity and cheer at the years conclusion. 

My son, the one mentioned in the previous mentioning of sons, told the world, my wife, his mother, God bless her, was kind, liked to snuggle, and was YELLOW.  Met with many snickers and laughs from the other parents who were premature in their antics, as their children, and turn, would soon come.  I digress.  I'll leave out the comments he made about me, since my wife makes a perfect example.  Mine would only be unwanted crumbs in the shadow of hers. 

So, my wife, Nina, is certainly not yellow, but compared to me and my slightly pinkish skin tone, she is.  My son, the sponge, absorbed that information, processed it and spit it out for all to see and hear.  Which incidently was really funny.  My wife's eyes grew, her head tilted, her back straightened as a nervous smile creased her lips.  "He thinks I'm yellow?  I am not yellow!"  So funny.

Now, take for instance children's books.  A book that entertains does nothing more then entertain.  Sesame Street, Sprout, and all the other children's programs seem to dedicate themselves to education of all sorts, numbers, letters, literacy, values and character.  Are they wrong in doing so?  No.  They get it!  I say, save "entertainment ONLY" for later when the kids transition from sponges to brick walls painted with repellants of all kinds. 

Have you ever heard a child say, "I'll show you!", or "I can do it!" or "Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?"  They naturally want to learn and teach and show.  With regard to our children.  Why then, wouldn't you teach them when they are primed and probably more condussive to learning than any other time in their happy little lives? 

It's because of their spongy ways that I have decided to give children what they so naturally want and need...something...anything...other than to just entertain, though entertained they will be.  I try as best I can to teach character and values along with a little something else, like, for instance, the name of 29 trees in The Tree With No Branches.

Sure, it's great fun to entertain a child and watch them giggle or laugh, but done so with some wonderful absorbable nugget they could use for a lifetime seems to be more than simply fun.  Go ahead and entertain them, but don't just entertain, teach them while you do it.

As you were,

Johnny Knew


The Tree With No Branches

Greetings my people.

I'd like to first thank all the people who have helped me with my book launch by spreading the word to the world.  I'd also like to thank those who have already purchased the book and pre-thank those of you who haven't yet but are considering.  If it's a question of rent or book...go with rent.  If it's a question between forgot and book...go with book when you remember.  If a question between some other thing I am unaware of for a plethora of reasons or book...again...go with book.  Click HERE to purchase.

The initial launch was good, that according to numbers and projections.  Of the many. many, many books available for purchase on Amazon, we hit #3048 in books.  That's quite good; however, there is much work to be done.  (That for another time)

The book, The Tree With No Branches, is my first published book.  It was a joy to write for many reasons.  One of the many reasons was the message...a small tree, not liked, ugly even, grows on the inside, what can't be seen.  He grows his roots deep which ultimately helps him in a marvelous and wonderful way.  It's a book about character, perseverance, and accepting others who are different.  Then, when the illustrator added the pictures...WOW...I know you and your kids and/or grandkids will LOVE this book.  The Tree With No Branches is a keeper.

For those of you interested in such things, The Tree With No Branches was actually the sixth book I wrote and took me about four hours over two days.  I'm so exhausted just thinking about it.  And now that I am thinking about it, my finger hurts.  Maybe that's because I smacked it earlier.  Either way, it certainly adds to the drama.  There are also twenty-nine varieties of tree mentioned in the book along with a bunny that might just appear in The No Fuzzy Bunny, coming out Feb-Mar of 2013.

I'd like to express my deepest thanks to all of you, I just don't know how without my favorite pair of socks on (in the wash) so I'll express my thanks in some other fathomable way.  You're the best...Thanks!

I bid you all good tidings and happy trails.  

Until we meet again,

Johnny Knew

Click HERE to purchase


My First Book

Greetings my people,

I trust you are all well.  I certainly am on this fine day or night, whichever it is at the moment.  I, being an author of the unlikely sort, am about to experience the thing that all authors want.  I am about to be published!

My first book, The Tree With No Branches, is going to be available on Amazon on Monday September 24th.  That's only five days from now.

It's a wonderful book about growing what can't be seen, growing on the inside, growing one's roots deep.  

Be sure to check out a sample on the books page.  I'm sure you'll love it.

Thank you again. 


Servant to the people,

Johnny Knew


The Best Books Ever

They are the one type of book everyone is familiar with. Though they are not novels or scientific manifestos or text books. They aren't "how to" books or books for "dummies." They aren't self-help or autobiographical or any of those things, but then again they can be.  You see, children's books, or said more specifically, children's picture books are what we all began with. 

It was not to long ago when I found myself propelled into the past when I was the age of my son, of whom I was reading a Dr. Seuss book to.  The book was familiar, for I had the same book as a child.  Then, I came to the zizzer zazzer zuzz; the crazy animal with the long winding tail.  I didn't know what the good doctor was talking about, but I knew, when I saw the creature, I liked it.

Then, there is rhyme; so often butchered, so sadly destroyed.  I'd say it's enough to feel rather annoyed.

Read below, the beginning of my second book, Phoebe The Swimlazy Fish:

In the small wooded forest behind the old shack, in front of the rock with the big jagged crack, to the left of the hill past the old rusty knight, through the gold meadow clearing called Hidden Delight...

The above exerpt acts like fine, woven fabric.  The words are the threads, the rhyme is the weave, and the result is a story full of life.  Don't you think it should be?  For life is very much like poetry, and poetry seems always to tell of life.  

True, not all children's books are worth the paper they're printed on, but that can go for any book.  The ones I speak of are the ones that grab you, hold you, fill you, and spark that desire deep inside that all children have, and sadly many adults forget.

Picture books are far more than books for kids.  For all kids eventually grow up to be grown-ups.  Kids eventually turn into, well, YOU.  The value of those early lessons and adventures we all had in the pages of our children's books are immeasurable, but the results are not.   It therefore stands to reason that the best books ever, would make the biggest impact in our lives.  They would be the most encouraging and nurture our imagination when everything else falls short.  The best books ever would accomplish things no other type of book could.  

The best books ever...I'd say you already know the answer to that one.  Just close your eyes and think back to your days as a child.  Or, perhaps browse the children's section of the local bookstore.  There's a 96.2% chance that, when you find the best book ever you read as a child, a smile just might find your face.

Have a Knewville type of day,

Johnny Knew