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Character and Values:

"Children’s books come in a variety of ways.  Some emphasize fun, some imagination, while others educate, and so on.  What of it?  What if your child learned about having fun, using their imagination, and even how to count at an early age but missed some of the weightier things in life like compassion, love, integrity, or perseverance?  What if every book was filled with fantastic illustrations and buried treasures, but never treasures of the heart; never unseen treasures like courage, and tolerance, or even selflessness?  What if?

It has long been said that half of all the children’s books in print are nothing more than superficial stories meant solely to entertain.  Is that so wrong?  In the formative years of a child’s life, perhaps entertainment can be achieved along with something far more helpful; something that can last a lifetime.  What if every children’s book our young ones heard, read, or flipped through inspired them to become better people?  What if every book gave them hope or direction in life?  What if their books encouraged them to become better citizens, or showed them the benefits of a strong work ethic, or helped their self esteem?

Seeing a better way, Johnny Knew set forth to do more than just write…he endeavored to develop books for children that build character and teach values, all the while, never neglecting the things that kids love about books.  With rich illustrations that captivate the imagination and a mastery of rhyme that rivals the greats, Johnny Knew has created a world just for kids and those who are kids at heart." - Johnny Knew