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Why Knew Books?

There is something unique about the books we read as children.  Those books told, so vibrant a story, in word and picture, our imaginations grew in unimaginable ways.  Stories read.  Stories told.  To very young from very old.  Children’s books are an experience.  Our children respond not only to what is said but how it is said.  They respond not just to illustrations but colorful worlds their minds may be lost in. 

Author and inventor, Johnny Knew, endeavored to create a KNEW series of children’s books that are old in soul.  In rhythm and rhyme he has brought smiles to our mouths, gleams to our eyes, and warmth to our hearts.  As only a master wordsmith can, he paints story after story with word filled wonder.  Emphasizing the important things of life, like courage, and love, and kindness.  His messages are subtle but powerful. 

Children are sure to go back to Knew’s books over and over again, and you will be glad because of it.  Knew books... the way books ought to be.