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Knewville's Happy First Blahg

Greetings my people!

My name is Johnny Knew, and the very first thing I'd like to say is, "Thank you for visiting." Though, it appears as though the first thing I did say was, "Greetings my people!"  There you have it.  My first blahg and I've butchered it already.  Now that I have all that drivel out of the way, I'll get down to business.  What business might that be?  Well, the business of this!  This thing.  This place!  Knewville!  KNEWVILLE!  

I suppose you've noticed that Knewville is a tad similar to my last name.  I only noticed that recently.  It's by pure coincidence that it and I share the letters K-N-E-W.  Had I known ahead of time, before signing up for all this, I probably would have changed my last name, or perhaps, now that I am thinking about, perhaps I would just leave it. 

There are two more things I'd like to mention about Knewville before I mention one more thing about something else and sign off.  The first thing is for you parents, or grandparents, or caretakers, or guardians, etc..., Knewville is a place where, I, Author and inventor, Johnny Knew reside.  It is a place where your little ones may come for fun.  This place is for them.  (Incidentally, I do have a parent and educator section.) 

The second thing I'd like to mention about Knewville is for you kids.  Have FUN!  Have lots of that stuff, preferably in big heaping spoons full.  There are crafts and games, noises, pictures, fun facts, and more.  In time I'll add more stuff, fun stuff.  So enjoy!

Lastly, I'd like to mention one last thing, here, at the end so that it could actually be last and not feel awkward in being so.  The thing is...I write and wrote some books for kids ages 4-104.  Now, if you or someone else is younger or older...say...2 or 143 years old...that would be okay.  The 4-104 thing is an average.  It's a generalization.  It's a guideline to be loosely followed.  That said, my books are only for kids within or about within that age range, and you will certainly like them.  They are a thrill to read and a joy to watch (mostly 'cause the illustrations are so grand.  Great job Mr. K. Von Ward!)  I've also added a special something in each book that'll give you something to root or boo for.  I'm sure you'll enjoy them, and I hope you'll do just that all the way to 104, or a bit further if your stubborn.  That is all for now. 

Have a Knewville type day.

Yours truly (and a little unruly),

Johnny Knew

PS: The books (two of them) will be released September 1st of this year.  I'll keep you posted.

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